Ronnie Dunn: “I’m Working On Putting Together A Hardcore ’90s Record”

Steven Martine

Scratched one off the bucket list last week.

The great Ronnie Dunn stopped by the podcast on Friday and we cracked open a few cold ones and got to talking about everything under the sun, including the glory days with Brooks & Dunn, their killer Reboot record and of course, Ronnie’s new Re-Dunn cover record. There’s a also a pretty good story in there that involves a snake.

But there was one part in particular that has us PUMPED.

Ronnie is working on a full-blown, hardcore ’90s country record. A record straight outta the golden years of the Brooks and Dunn era.

“I’m working on putting together a hardcore ’90s record with Scott Borchetta over at Big Machine now.”

It’s already well into the works, and when we asked if Kix or any other guests might make an appearance, Ronnie hit us with this one-liner:

“I may pay Kix a hundred bucks and see if he’d come sing a part or two.”

I think we can all agree that a hardcore ’90s country record is just what country music needs right now, especially with incredible Ronnie Dunn voice. Even Cody Johnson, who Ronnie vehemently praised earlier in the conversation, has said that he’s looking songs written in the ’90s for his next album.

The ’90s are BACK people, get excited.

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