Old Florida Man Attacks Walmart Employee, Fails Miserably, When Told He Needs To Wear A Mask

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It became mandatory to wear a mask in Orange County, FL this Saturday, but not everyone wanted to follow the rules…like this old man/dad.

Decked out in a classic dad outfit of flip flops, board shorts, and a button up, the guy tries to forcibly rush past the Walmart employee before falling on his face in front of everyone.

This guy has a high motor, and doesn’t quit.

Instead of running away with his tail between his legs, he doubled down, and tried to push the employee through the 98 cent tomatoes to no avail.

He’s doesn’t take “no” for an answer, and tries to casually go about his shopping before the video ends (we assume he’s escorted out, or masked).

If his stubborn ass would have just put the mask on long enough to grab his rotisserie chicken and 12-pack of High Life, he wouldn’t be all over the internet today…

Florida, you never disappoint.

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A beer bottle on a dock