Video Emerges Of Eagles Tight End Dallas Goedert Getting Knocked Out In South Dakota Bar

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It was pretty widely reported that the Philadelphia Eagles tight end was sent to the hospital last night (early this morning) after suffering a sucker punch in a South Dakota bar. He was ultimately “fine” as they called it, but getting hit so hard you go to the hospital? Not good…

However today, the footage is out and it appears to back up the sucker punch story… although the rest of the details are still pretty foggy.

According to ESPN, Goedert was at a restaurant with his family when he was punched in an unprovoked attack. However, according to police reports, the incident occurred at the Zoo Bar in Aberdeen, South Dakota, around 1 a.m.

Restaurant with your family at 1 in the morning? C’mon…

And while the sucker punch is pretty obvious here, there does appear to be some kind of altercation happening. Goedert, who clocks in at about 6′ 5” and over 250 pounds, appears to have his hand on a guy, almost in a “hey, take it easy” kind of manner, when some some bozo comes flying in with the cheap shot punch. The guy he was originally talking to doesn’t even move. Goedert goes down like a ton of bricks, but according to ESPN, regained consciousness right away. The suspect was also arrested promptly.

Thankfully, Goedert was ok.

Luckily for Mr. Sucker Punch, Goedert’s teammates weren’t there…

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