Ford Changes Bronco Release Date After They Accidentally Chose OJ Simpson’s Birthday

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The folks at Ford are once AGAIN changing the release date for the new Ford Bronco, but this time, they might have a good reason. Originally scheduled to be revealed on July 9th, folks were quick to point out that just so happens to be OJ Simpson’s birthday.

You know OJ, the same guy that led cops on a chase through Los Angeles back in 1994, right after he was charged with murdering his ex-wife. He was driving the infamous 1993 white Ford Bronco.

What are the odds…

According to Ford, it was purely a coincidence.

Coincidence or not, the new reveal date will be July 13th now. June 13th also happens to be Harrison Ford’s birthday. Again, what are the odds?

Either way, we’ve waited years for this beauty to hit the showroom floor… I suppose we can wait a few more days.

And in case you don’t remember, here’s classic OJs chase, live from 1994.

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