Josh Abbott Offers Campaign Platform After Twitter Confuses Him for Texas Governor… He Has My Vote

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Paul Archuleta/Getty Images

Josh Abbott is the lead singer of a Texas country band.

Greg Abbott is the governor of Texas.

But one Twitter user seemed to confuse the two when complaining about Texas reopening amid the Coronavirus pandemic.

Easy mistake to make… I guess.

I’ll be honest, I always assumed that if a country singer were going to be governor of Texas it would be George Strait, but Governor Josh Abbott has a nice ring to it too. I just wonder what a Josh Abbott administration would look like if he were governor?

Well wonder no more, because Josh just released his campaign platform.

Legalizing casinos and weed, free tuition for the kids of farmers and ranchers, and making Taco Tuesday an official weekly holiday? You have my attention.

But that’s not all…

Josh Abbott: Easy on the Ears, Tough on Child Molesters. That’s a platform I can get behind. And it seems like a lot of Twitter agrees.

Throw McConaughey on the ticket and now we’re really cooking with peanut oil.

Hell, I might have to move to Texas if this happens.

And can I suggest “Oughta Get Drunk” as his official campaign song?

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