Cussing Bird Drops A Zillion F-Bombs After Old, Tiny Cage Gets Destroyed

This is Pebble.

Pebble is a cockatoo that’s internet famous for talking, but more specifically, cussing.

A while back Pebble got a brand new cage, and to show him he was never going to have to go back into that tiny round cage again, his owner decided to smash the thing. I’m no bird expert, but word on the street is that these round bird cages are bad for birds and Pebble came from an abused home before he found this guy.

When the cage was finally smashed good and proper, it set off Pebble on an epic f-bomb rant, presumably out of pure enjoyment.

And that’s how Pebble won the hearts of million on the internet.

A beer bottle on a dock


A beer bottle on a dock