Garth Brooks Calls For Unity In New Song “We Belong Together”

Garth Brooks wearing a hat

Just when you think the whole world is going to hell in a handbasket, big g comes through with a brand new unity anthem to heal us all.

Titled “We Belong Together” the song was premiered by Robin Roberts of Good Morning America. Garth went on GMA last week to announce that his new drive-in concert special, and at the conclusion, he promised to send Robin some new music.

Robin shared the song on Facebook with the following caption:

“My beloved momma always said ‘everybody’s got something’ ….whatever your something is that you’re facing I hope this brings you as much comfort as it has for me. My immense gratitude to engineer, Matt Allen, studio manager, Charles Green, the gentleman who mastered it, Eric Conn, everyone who had a part in this and the incomparable Garth Brooks for allowing me to share this gift.”

Given the current state of world around us, Garth said he hopes to instill a spirit of unity with the new song.

“Music is the greatest healer and also the greatest equalizer. A lot of people have asked how I feel about what is going on in the world right now… and music is where I turn to answer that question — We Belong to Each Other, We are Sister and Brother… ALL OF US. We must not divide, but unite.”

I like that…

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