Delta and American Airlines Ban Alcohol On Flights (I Won’t Be Flying Delta or American Airlines)

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Here we are.

It was just announced that Delta and American Airlines would no longer be serving alcohol on its planes for domestic flights in response to Covid-19.

According to CNN:

It’s part of a widespread revision of the industry’s food and drink service to minimize interaction between crew and passengers and to ensure a safer journey for all.


Delta Airlines isn’t serving alcohol on domestic flights or within the Americas, but beer, wine and spirits can be found on all other international flights.

Over on American Airlines, the airline is limiting food and drink service in the main cabin according to flight length and destination. Access to alcohol, however, is the preserve of long-haul international flights and the folks in First Class.

The only thing that makes flying enjoyable is getting sloshed at 7am at the airport bar, only to keep the buzz roaring with the in-flight alcohol(s).

Southwest – you listening to me? You better not pull this shit. YOU BETTER NOT. I didn’t run up my SW credit card bill to finally get a stack of drink tickets only to NOT be allowed to black out on Wild Turkey on my one hour flight to Nashville at 7:30am.

Don’t even think about it.

** This also includes Easyjet and KLM in Europe and Asia’s Virgin Australia.

Drunk on a plane.

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A beer bottle on a dock