Pickle-Flavored Doritos Have Finally Arrived In The United States

A group of colorful bags


Everybody and their mother has a pickle-flavored chip out there… some are good, some are not so good (looking at you Lay’s) but now, the highly sought-after Doritos pickle chips have officially made landfall here in the United States.

Originally called “Intense Pickle,” these bad boys were only available in Canada, up there in the Great White North, but according a few Instagram accounts including Junk Food on the Go, they’ve been spotted stateside at a local Dollar General. They’ve also appeared to adopt the name “Tangy Pickle” with a nice little lightening bolt in there for good measure.

I mean… you have my attention.

And with most of the country still under some form of quarantine, you probably have a little bit of time to snag a few bags before you have to start working on the beach body again. I mean hell, here in Chicago… you can’t even go to the lakefront yet. Might as well stay home and eat Doritos…

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A beer bottle on a dock