Eric Church Says New Single Is Coming & “It’s Gonna Be A Son Of A B*tch”

Eric Church sitting on a couch


The wait is almost over.

In a special message to his fan club, Eric broke the news that a brand new single is coming to country radio soon and, as he put it, it’s just the “tip of the spear… and it’s a BIG spear.” We know Eric has been writing his ass off, we know that he holed up in the Carolina mountains and came out with a truckload of new songs, we know he considered the possibility of a double album, and now, we know that the first single from that new project is coming SOON.

Here’s what he had to say:

“A new single is about to hit country radio and it’s going to be the tip of the spear for what’s coming after and it’s a BIG spear. I believe it’s the best we’ve ever been, in our career. Don’t have a reason for that, creativity took over. I’m as proud of this music, that’ll involve different forms, that I’ve ever been. And I cannot wait until we can all get together and I can play it. And you can sing it, and we can have that camaraderie, we can have that communion… because I miss that, and I think everybody misses that. It’s coming and when it gets here, it’s gonna be a sonofabitch.”

I’m all tingly inside.

Eric Church has a little something coming, and I couldn’t be more excited! 😃

Posted by Kevin Jacobs on Sunday, June 14, 2020

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