Chris Stapleton’s Version Of “There Ain’t No Easy Way” Is Just Too Damn Good


It’s always a great day when you stumble upon some Chris Stapleton performances that you’ve never seen before. This one comes to us from Country Radio Seminar 2018, where Chris took the stage to a perform a song called ‘Ain’t Not Easy Way” by Tim O’Brien and Darrell Scott.

According to Chris, it was one of his favorites when he first moved to Nashville.

“When I first moved to town, I used to listen to Darrell Scott and Tim O’Brien, and this was a song that was on a record of theirs called ‘Real Time’ I like to do things in here that you’re never gonna get anywhere else, and I probably haven’t played this song in about 15-20 years, it’s called ‘Ain’t No Easy Way.'”

When it comes to just a voice and an acoustic guitar, there ain’t a soul that can touch Chris.

He’s unreal.

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