Craig Morgan Releases New Song “The Mask” Dedicated To Heroes On Frontlines Of Pandemic

Shortly after releasing his new album God, Family, Country, is already back with a new song.

Titled “The Mask,” Craig originally debuted the tune alongside Luke Combs at the Grand Ole Opry, and although it was written before the virus struck, given the times we’re living in, Craig knew he had to get this one out to the fans.

“‘The Mask’ is dedicated to our frontline heroes during the pandemic and to anyone who has put on a brave front to selflessly help others.”

Here’s a quick look at the chorus:

“Cause when I get home and it’s late at night
No one’s around and I turn off the light
I cry and scream, and yell like a crazy man
I don’t have to pretend that I’m doing well
I can tell the world it can go to hell
It’s just me and God when I take off the mask” 

Good stuff.

Here’s that Opry performance from this past April.

A beer bottle on a dock


A beer bottle on a dock