Luke Bryan’s Gut-Wrenching “Build Me A Daddy” Is The Best Song He’s Had In Years

It’s been a while (maybe “Drink A Beer”) since Luke Bryan put out a song that put my jaw through the floor.

Ladies and gentleman, “Build Me A Daddy” is that song.

Written by Jake Mitchell, Josh Thompson, Brett Tyler, “Build Me A Daddy” tells the gut-wrenching story of a young boy who lost his soldier father, presumably in war. And if you know anything about Luke’s personal story, he’s been handed more than his fair share of loss in his life. And after losing his older brother, his sister, and his brother-in-law, Luke and his wife Caroline adopted his sister’s three sons.

Fatherhood, coupled with loss, is something Luke is all too familiar with.

“I’ve played this song for a lot of my hardcore buddies and it chokes them up. I think that’s the beauty of country music, to really make you feel emotional.”

“Could you build me a daddy
Strong as Superman
Make him ten feet tall, with a southern drawl and a crooked smile if you can
‘Cause I sure miss him
Maybe you could bring him back?
If I walked in with him, it’d sure make momma happy
If you could build me a daddy”

Rip my heart out why don’t you…

After being rescheduled, Luke’s upcoming album Born Here, Live Here Die Here is set for release on August 7th.

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock