Margo Price Debuts New Song “Letting Me Down,” Featuring Producer Sturgill Simpson

Originally set for release on May 8th, Margo Price’s highly-anticipated new album That’s How Rumors Get Started is now set to hit shelves on July 10th.

Of the new album, Margo detailed her thoughts on the project in light of the delays and the hardships of the past three months:

“Take me back to the day I started trying to paint my masterpiece so I could warn myself of what was ahead. Time has rearranged, it has slowed down, it has manipulated things like it always does…the words to some of these songs have changed meaning, they now carry heavier weight. I’ve seen the streets set ablaze, the sky set on fire. I’ve been manic, heartbroken for the world, heartbroken for the country, heartbroken from being heartbroken again and again. This album is a postcard of a landscape of a moment in time. It’s not political but maybe it will provide an escape or relief to someone who needs it. Sending love to everyone out there and hope I see you down the highway.”

She re-announced the new project with the release of a brand new song titled “Letting Me Down,” featuring her co-producer Sturgill Simpson singing the background vocals.

Written by Margo herself alongside her husband Jeremy Ivey, “Letting Me Down” is about “two teenage runaways trying to escape a workaday life.”

“After what feels like an eternity, I’m finally releasing my album ‘That’s How Rumors Get Started’ into this wild world. It was produced by my friend Sturgill Simpson who also sang on this latest track ‘Letting Me Down’.”

That’s How Rumors Get Started Tracklist:

“That’s How Rumors Get Started”
“Letting Me Down”
“Twinkle Twinkle”
“Stone Me”
“Hey Child”
“Heartless Mind”
“What Happened to Our Love?”
“Gone to Stay”
“Prisoner of the Highway”
“I’d Die for You”

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