‘Cops’ Canceled By Paramount Network In Wake Of George Floyd Protests

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“Bad boys, bad boys, whatcha gonna do, whatcha gonna do when they come for you…”

Welp, it looks like they ain’t comin’ for you no more….

According to Hollywood Reporter, Paramount Network, has officially pulled the plug on Cops, one of the longest-running reality TV shows on television. The show was put on pause in the wake of the George Floyd shooting, and the protests that followed, however now a spokesperson for the network has confirmed that the show has no plans to return.

The aired on FOX for 25 years before it was picked up by Spike TV (now Paramount) in 2013. The shows 33rd season was expected to premiere this coming Monday. Re-runs can still be seen on WGN America and the streaming service Pluto TV.

A&E’s Live PD is also on pause and Discovery’s ID channel has a show called Body Cam, that is also on indefinite hiatus.

And now, the only acceptable answer for anytime somebody asks you why you’re sweating, courtesy of the movie Step Brothers.

“I was watching Cops.”

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