Drake White Sends Soulful “Mix “Em With Whiskey” To Country Radio

Love me some Drake White.

He newly released Stars EP is everything we come to expect and more from Drake. It’s good country music with a heavy dose of that signature southern soul, perhaps no more apparent than on his new single “Mix ‘Em With Whiskey.”

Written by Ryan Beaver, Rodney Clawson, Adam Hambrick, and Andrew DeRoberts, it’s Drake favorite song on the entire EP.

“This is top-shelf soul country for me… the lyric is smooth but the guitar bites. It’s one of those jams that is a pleasure to perform, and it’ll have everyone singin’ and sippin’ in just one listen.”

Coming to a radio station near you.

Here’s the full explanation of the new single from Drake.

A beer bottle on a dock


A beer bottle on a dock