The Tiger King Joe Exotic Says He’ll Be Dead In “2-3 Months”

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The infamous Joe Exotic, AKA the Tiger King, appears to be having a rough go in federal prison.

According to a letter obtained by TMZ, Joe’s “soul is dead” and now, he’s calling on President Trump to pardon him.

After detailing his mental anguish from being on lockdown, Joe added that he is not receiving proper medical attention, nor has he heard from his husband Dillon Passage.

“As most people know, I was born with CVID not COVID-19 and hemoglobin anemia required blood infusions every 4 weeks. I have not had one since end of January, I am loosing (I think he means losing) weight, sores won’t heal, I’ll be dead in 2-3 months.”

A lot to break down here, but you can read the entire letter for yourself.

But by far the best part of the entire thing is the absolute Hail Mary at the end, pleading with Cardi B and Kim K to help get him out of jail. Talk about swinging for the fences… but hey, desperate times call for desperate measures, and from the looks of things, Joe Exotic might be the most desperate man on planet Earth.

Oh, and fuck Carole Baskin. They should lock her ass up too…

His husband, Dillon Passage, posted the following response to Instagram this afternoon:

“My heart is breaking after reading Joe’s letter. He is living in hell right now and I’m outraged by the way he is being treated. I can’t even begin to imagine how that is breaking his spirit. I love Joe and I’m standing by him. The photos that I post on here are a highlight reel of my life… What you don’t see are the hours that I’m alone at home, missing my husband and my friend.”

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