Netflix’s ‘Space Force’ Secures Trademark Rights Ahead Of The U.S. Military

Steve Carell in a uniform

Netflix’s Space Force may have shit the bed in the review section, but when it comes to handling their intellectual property, they’re miles ahead of the actual Space Force… you know the one that’s part of the United States Military.

According to Hollywood Reporter, Netflix’s Space Force has already secured trademark rights in Europe, Mexico and Australia and filed for one in the United States back in January of 2019.

The U.S. Military has pending application (which was filed in March 2019) for registration inside the United States on an intent-to-use basis, which means they have yet to use it. They also weren’t even an organization until December of 2019.

And while it probably won’t matter when it comes to the show or the actual branch of the military conducting their day-to-day affairs, it will matter when it comes to selling merchandise. According to the Air Force, there doesn’t appear to be any problems… yet.

“At this time, we are not aware of any trademark conflicts with the fictional program Space Force produced by Netflix,” an Air Force spokesperson told the Hollywood Reporter. “We wish Netflix and the show’s producers the best in their creative depiction of our nation’s newest branch of the military.”

Stay tuned… this could get pretty hilarious.

Oh, and by the way… fuck the reviews on this. I thought it was hilarious. If you thought it was going to be like The Office, that’s your own fault. You only have yourself and your unreasonable expectations to blame.

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