Gas Station “Karen” Gets The Sh*t Slapped Out Of Her For Telling Woman “Go Back To Mexico”

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You never know what you might see at a gas station, but there’s one thing we can always count on…an upset Karen. They’ve been in the news A LOT lately, with the latest featuring a pinpoint slap to the face.

The moment was caught on video at a Phoenix gas station, where according to reports, Karen was upset about a gas pump not working. By the way, is there a worse place to deal with a Karen than a gas station where a pump doesn’t work? Maybe Dairy Queen with down soft serve machines?

Back to the story…

As you’d expect, Karen zeroes in on the closest person to shit on which happened to be a young lady ahead of her in line. Karen ends up saying go back to your country and later “go back to Mexico” but the woman being harassed says “Native Americans are from this country…where are you from bitch!?

Karen now knows she messed with the wrong gal.

It ends with Karen getting physical and getting popped real nice in the dome. Check it out.

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