Mash Up Of FGL’s “I Love My Country” & Kane Brown’s “Short Skirt Weather” Proves They’re EXTREMELY Similar

If you thought that Florida Georgia Line’s new single “I Love My Country” sounded awfully familiar, this might be why.

The YouTube account Sir Mashalot, the same channel that brought us the viral 6-song bro country mashup back in 2014, has done it again, this time comparing the Florida Georgia Line’s new song  “I Love My Country” to Kane Brown’s “Short Skirt Weather.”

As soon as it was released it became pretty obvious that “I Love My Country” sounded like a ripoff of “Short Skirt Weather” and the fans noticed almost immediately.

But after Sir Mashalot put together this comparison video, the proof was in the pudding. However, Kane Brown, along with his co-writers Chase McGill and Will Weatherly, has since been added to the list of songwriters on FGL’s “I Love My Country.”

Just the latest example of the never-ending copycat game in mainstream country music.

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