Texas Man Arrested For Chasing Protesters With A Chainsaw

A man and a woman walking down a street

Every day I turn on the news I just get more and more convinced the end is near.

We got grown-ass men in bike shorts harassing little girls, we got these dipshit “influencers” posing for pictures in front of looted storefronts and now, we have people chasing peaceful protesters away with a fucking chainsaw. Jjust in case you still don’t believe that racism exists in this country, this insane video will prove otherwise.

This footage comes to us from McAllen, Texas, where what appears to be a very small group of peaceful protesters (including some old guy that could pass for my dad) walking across the street when some lunatic hops out of his truck screaming racial slurs and telling them to “go home.”

Pretty run of the mill racist behavior, but then he goes full-blown nuclear psycho when he grabs a chainsaw in an effort to get people away.

Batshit crazy and racist is not a good combo…

According to The Monitorthe man has since been arrested and will be awaiting charges.

Here’s another angle.

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A beer bottle on a dock