Ol’ “Karen” Gets Angry At Kids For Driving A Power Wheels Car “Without A License” In Public Park

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A TikTok has gone viral showing a “Karen” lose her marbles because some young children were riding in a Power Wheels car in the public park. The exchange went like this (no joke)…

“I never saw a car in here before.” – Karen

“It’s a Power Wheels car ma’am.” – mom

“…What bothers me is you have a little kid in here that doesn’t have a driver’s license. He’s just a little kid and you’re not with him.” – Karen

LOL. Nothing surprises me anymore. Here’s the video which is nearing 2 million views.

@luna4boys04So what bothers her ?? Can someone please tell me. is she related to ##Karen ? Do I take my kids to the ##dmv? ##fy ##fyp

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