Nate Burleson Shares Gut-Wrenching Story Of Grandfather’s Murder In Response To Drew Brees, Drew Issues A Second Apology

Drew Brees, Nate Burleson are posing for a picture

Drew Brees took A LOT of heat yesterday for his comments about taking a knee during the national anthem.

In an interview with YahooBrees said he would “never agree with someone disrespecting the flag or country.” which prompted athletes from all over the various leagues to explain to Drew that they were not disrespecting the military or flag, rather fighting for racial equality and protesting against racial injustice.

He has since apologized, however former wide receiver Nate Burleson offered his take on this conversation and a heartbreaking personal story of his grandfather that was murdered at the hands of the police on Golden Gate Park.

Drew offered up a second apology last night.

“Step-by-step you will see my heart for exactly what it is and the way everyone around me sees it. I’m sorry it has taken this long to act and to participate in a meaningful way but I am your ally in this fight.”

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