Cracker Barrel To Start Selling Beer, Wine & Mimosas, AKA Drunk Cracker Barrel Brunch Is HERE

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Hallelujah, thank you sweet baby Jesus.

My lifelong dream (and yours probably too) of getting wasted at Cracker Barrel is about to become a reality.

According to Fox Business, Cracker Barrel is planning to add alcohol to the menu in an effort to boost sales after the Coronavirus shutdown. Beer, wine, and mimosas are now being served at 20 locations, and the chain plans to expand alcohol sales to even more locations soon.

Cracker Barrel first began testing beer and win back in January, and according to CEO Sandra Cochran, the test has been “surprisingly popular” with guests.

Surprisingly popular? Where’s the surprise? Any dipshit with half a brain could tell you that the only thing Crack Barrel was missing was booze. The only surprise is that it took you this long to figure it out.

Who doesn’t want a nice little mimosa (or 7) with their biscuits and gravy? Nobody, that’s who.

Coming and going, Cracker Barrel nails it. They got the cool little country store, a killer breakfast menu, it’s cheap, cute old couples are playing giant checkers, the people that work there are always great… everything about it makes for a wonderful experience… except that I can’t get a buzz with my brunch.

And now, that’s about to change.

God bless ’em.

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A beer bottle on a dock