UFC Fighter Jon Jones Stops Two “Punk A** Teenagers” From Vandalizing His City With Spray Paint

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J.R. Smith isn’t the only professional athlete out in the streets trying to put a stop this unnecessary vandalism.

Last night, UFC fighter Jon Jones was filmed taking spray paint away from some punks that were defacing property in his city of Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Needless to say, these two bozos wanted NOTHING to do with the former light heavyweight champ.

He shared the following on Instagram:

“Is this shit even about George Floyd anymore?!? Why the fuck are you punk ass teenagers destroying our cities!?? As a young black man trust me I’m frustrated as well but this is not the way, we are starting to make a bad situation worse. If you really got love for your city (505), protect your shit. All you old heads need to speak up, call your young family members and tell them to come home tonight.”

Protecting his city and he didn’t even have to knock somebody out… you love to see it.

Another former UFC Champ, Chuck Liddell was also spotted de-escalating tensions in his town of Huntington Beach, California.

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