Jack Daniel’s Launches New Line Of Canned Cocktails Including A New Jack Seltzer

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Canned booze is all the rage right now. Whether it’s some kind of hard seltzer, hard tea, cocktail-in-a-can, whatever… people are looking to get their buzz from something other than beer, but still have the convenience and ease of an aluminum can.

White Claw reigns supreme in the hard seltzer business, but we’ve see companies take it a step further to sue the liquor they already make and turn it into a canned cocktail. Absolut did it, Bacardi did it, and now Jack Daniel’s is getting into the mix.

Beginning this month, Jack will offer canned Jack & Seltzer, Jack and Cola, and a Jack Honey Lemonade in select markets across the United States.

Each cocktail is made with actual Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey (not some type of malt liquor which we’ve seen before) and clocks in at 7% ABV, with the Jack and Seltzer coming in at the standard 5% ABV.

“We are always listening to our friends, and these new canned cocktails will be a convenient and refreshing way for them to enjoy our Tennessee Whiskey with a selection of wonderful flavors,” said Lisa Hunter, Jack Daniel’s Flavors Brand Director Lisa Hunter . “Each drink is perfectly balanced to highlight the flavors of our charcoal-mellowed whiskey in a drinkable and convenient format. This is real Jack and it’s ready to go.”

You can expect a 4-pack to run you somewhere in the neighborhood of $13 bucks.


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A beer bottle on a dock