Shania Twain Shares Throwback Footage From Celebrity Softball Game Way Back In 1994

A person wearing a white hat and a white shirt on a baseball field

Nothing like a YouTube rabbit hole to kill hours and hours of your time in quarantine. And if you’re Shania Twain, the subject of your YouTube rabbit hole exploration… is yourself.

While digging through the archives this afternoon, Shania stumbled upon some old footage from a 1994 celebrity softball game and shared the footage to Twitter.

The game featured appearances from tons of ’90s country legends like Tim McGraw, Billy Ray Cyrus, Joe Diffie, Rhett Akins and more.

Just as look as this clip… we got mullets, jorts, cut off dad shirts, hot damn I love the ’90s. Just some phenomenal mullet action going on here.

There was also a clip from the 1995 game as well.

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A beer bottle on a dock