Anderson Silva Suggests “Super Fight” With Conor McGregor & Conor Immediately Accepts

Conor McGregor, Anderson Silva are posing for a picture

Who’s the GOAT when it comes to Mixed Martial Arts?

Conor McGregor says Anderson Silva…. and kind of himself (lol). And even if it’s not him right now, he says he’s going to be the GOAT by the time his career is over.

But that conversation led to Anderson coming back with an idea, a great idea might I add, an idea that will probably never happen, but a great idea nonetheless.

In a recent Instagram post, Anderson Silva brought up the idea of a “Super Fight” between the two MMA legends. At 176 pounds. Anderson is used to fighting Middleweight at 185 and Conor has won belts in both Lightweight and Featherweight, but has never fought above 170.

“I have immense admiration for the great athlete that Conor is and I believe that a super fight would go down in the history of the sport, neither of us need to prove anything to anyone. I believe that fans of the UFC and of this sport would like to watch this great martial arts spectacle, it would be fantastic to test my martial arts skills against him!”

And this morning, Conor said he is ready.

Of course, nothing is a done deal quite yet, and the chances of one actually happening are probably pretty slim. But one can dream, right?

Somebody call Dana…

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