LOL At This Loser Attempting To Catfish But Accidentally Uploading A Photo Of Himself

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You HATE to see it.

A creeper catfish got busted by accidentally uploading a photo of his creeper face to a fake account which featured a young gal he called “Sandra Leslie.”

You know all about these fake accounts whether you use a dating app, or simply follow celebs, on any social media platform. Never forget that a lot of times those fake accounts are dudes like this…

You might ask yourself, “why do people do this?”

Well, there are certain people in this world I like to call “losers.” This guy is a loser. This guy’s plan for attention, or whatever the fuck he’s after, is by pretending to be an attractive woman even though he’s sitting in his own filth in some basement somewhere.

Quite the entrepreneurial spirit.

Let us never forget about the time a fake George Strait tried to scam us, so we replied using only George Strait song titles…

A kitchen with a sink and a toaster oven

The model, Sabrina Nichole, is apparently a “NSFW” model, who had fun with it, recreating the creep’s photo.

A kitchen with a sink and a toaster oven

Lots of sick freaks out there. Y’all be safe.

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A beer bottle on a dock