Genius Next Door Dads Alter Fence So They Can Drink Beer While Social Distancing

A couple of men in a backyard

That’s the type of redneck ingenuity we need to see more of.

A couple of dads altered the fence separating their yard that would allow for them to have a drop-down “bar top” of sorts. This is crucial for beer drinking and dad talk while maintaining a good distance.

The main complaint here from people on Twitter is “why are these guys drinking Ultras?”

Let me tell you why…

When you get older, sometimes you need those marathon beers you can have 14 of while still maintaining a reasonable level of human function. The Michelob Ultra is one of those beers. It’s basically La Croix, but has a little alcohol in it so if you have enough of them, you do feel a tingle.

This one was good too…

A beer bottle on a dock


A beer bottle on a dock