103-Year-Old Woman Beats Coronavirus, Enjoys A Cold Bud Light To Celebrate

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Via Shelly Gunn/Wicked Local

103-years-old and Jennie Steja is still kickin’ ass and takin’ names.

Coronavirus included.

According to USA Today, the 103-year-old was the first to contract Coronavirus in her nursing home and the family was preparing to say their final goodbyes to her. When she was asked if she was ready to go to Heaven, she replied with an enthusiastic:

“Hell Yeah.”

But you know what happened? She kicked Coronavirus’ ass, that’s what.

And for her victorious conquest, she rewarded herself with an ice cold Bud Light.

What a legend. Just to make it to 103 is a a s stunning accomplishment in itself, but then to go head-to-head with Coronavirus and come out on top, that’s what warriors are made of right there. Personally, I might’ve went with a different beer, but who cares?

A cold beer is a cold beer.

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A beer bottle on a dock