The NFL Is Planning To Have “Full Stadiums” When The Season Kicks Off

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The NHL is working on a comeback plan that will include a 24-team playoff, the NBA is cooking up something as well, but for the NFL, they’re hoping it’s business as usual by the time football season rolls around.

This past Friday, NFL EVP of Football Operations Troy Vincent told the The Brian Mitchell Show that the NFL is planning to have full stadiums this fall.

“We are planning to have full stadiums until the medical community tells us otherwise… now remember when we’re talking about September, August, September. So there’s a lot that can happen here. So we’re planning for full stadiums.”

He added that they are considering the possibility of less than full stadiums, but as of right now, they plan to pack the house on Sundays.

“We also know that we have to plan for half stadiums. Three-quarters. So we’re planning for all of these different scenarios. But first and foremost, we’re making every effort, working with the medical community, if we can have those stadiums with all people until they tell us otherwise when that time comes, that’s our plan. That’s our plan of action.”

And while Troy may be overly optimistic, especially given the fact that musicians are talking about not performing for crowds until the summer of 2021, you can’t help but get pumped for a slight return to normalcy.

The league has also discussed the safety of the players and officials and continue to hammer out the necessary precautions. They may be required to wear masks while on the field.

Of course all of this now asks the question: who will go?

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