Keystone Light Wants To Pay Your July Rent


God bless ’em.

Times are tough right now, and many of us could use a helping hand with the bills this summer. And after spending thousands and thousands of dollars on cold Keystone Light throughout your college years, the folks at Keystone are looking to return the favor.

How? They’re gonna pay your rent.

Keystone Light will pay one month’s worth of rent to 25 winners, which will be awarded as a $1,250 cash prize, AKA the average cost of monthly rent in the United States.

“We were always planning to bring back our free rent program in the fall, but as we all know, this year is categorically different,” said Josh Wexelbaum, marketing director of economy brands for Molson Coors Beverage Co. “We wanted to help our fans where we could, and we know rent is a topic on so many people’s minds.”

All you have to do is enter the contest at, where you will be prompted to fill in your age and zip code, email address and keyword KEYSTONE. Finally, enter your name and address on the registration page. All winners will be picked at random.

The sweepstakes kicks off today and the conetst will close on June 12th.

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