Kid With Ice Water In His Veins Calmly Walks Away From Jaws Of A Bear

Imagine wandering through the Italian country side, just you and your pops looking for pine cones, and out of nowhere a giant bear sticks out its giant head, with its giant teeth, right out of the bushes.

Not sure how they say it in Italy, but we like to say it like this… “you’re fucked.”

Unless you’re the calmest 12-year-old on planet Earth…

I nearly shit my pants just watching this from the comfort and safety of my own home, meanwhile this little dude with ice water in his veins very calmly walks back over to dad, hungry bear following him every step of the way, and acts like nothing happened. Like he didn’t just wriggle out of the jaws of a very certain death…

And you’re an idiot like me and thought to yourself, “they have bears in Italy?” I did you a favor and looked it up, and yes, according to the trusty Wikipedia, the brown bear population of the Italian Alps was nearly wiped out in the ’90s, however thanks to conservation efforts, the population has slowly began to creep back up.


A beer bottle on a dock


A beer bottle on a dock