“Fresh Out” – Morgan Wallen Shares Pic With Kid Rock After Getting Arrested At His Bar

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Thing got a little out of hand for Morgan Wallen the other night at Kid Rock’s Big Honky Tonk, and he ended the night in handcuffs.

He shared an apology on Twitter last night, also thanking Nashville police for their class and professionalism, but then a few hours later, he this photo with the American Badass himself… Mr. Kid Rock.

You know, the guy who owns the bar that he just got arrested at.


It’s almost as if Kid Rock was the one who bailed him out of jail.

I imagine Kid Rock pulls up to the jail in a Rolls Royce like a mob boss, walks in wearing a fur coat and no shirt underneath, puts a wad of cash down on the counter without saying a single word, and then just walks back to the Rolls.

A few minutes later, Morgan comes walking out of the station, a little disheveled from last night’s shenanigans, gets into the car with Kid Rock, they are driven over to Kid Rock’s house, pour a couple whiskey glasses, and then they take this photo.

In my mind that’s exactly how this all went down.

“Learned a big lesson when I met the bouncer… found myself in this bar.”

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock