The Kentucky Woman That Cut A Hole In Her Mask Is BACK… & She Is PISSED She Went Viral

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Remember this lady?

Her name may or may not be Karen (I’m leaning towards yes) but she lives in Kentucky. She recently went viral when she walked into the gas station with a giant hole in her face mask because, get this… it makes it easier to breathe.

Yep, she really said that…

If you don’t remember here ya go.

Welp, apparently Karen has seen her viral video and she is NOT HAPPY.

You want to know how unhappy she is? She wants to… wait for it…. speak to the MANAGER.


Angry Karen wants to see the manager because she was caught on film looking like a dumbass. And then she wants to he see the supervisor and she wants to call corporate… you know, your run of the mill Karen demands.

Dude filming doesn’t seem to care too much about potentially losing his job, but who knows, maybe he really is the manager/supervisor/owner and Karen is gonna have to climb a little higher up the corporate food chain.

Either way, when this video pops off, you have to imagine that Karen is gonna be back for Round 3.

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