Man Buys Girlfriend A Cake After She Farts in Front of Him for the First Time in Three Years

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There are several big milestones in a relationship. The first date, the first time you say “I love you,” the engagement, the wedding…all occasions that couples celebrate.

Then there’s the first time that your significant other farts in front of you.

Now, some couples are more comfortable with this than others. Some will just let it rip no matter what, while others try to hide it from their significant other. And some, like Ryan McErlean and Kaylie Warren, buy a cake to celebrate the special occasion.

According to the Daily Mail, the couple from Queensland, Australia made a pact early on in their relationship that if she ever farted in front of him, he would buy her a treat. Well, three years later and Kaylie was finally able to cash in on her prize. In a Facebook post, Ryan says that the slip of the…well, ass cheeks, came as they were asleep at 2 AM – and that it was loud enough to wake him up. Go big your first time, that’s what I always say.

Turns out Kaylie was pretty embarrassed by the late night toot, and tried to blame the dog (that never works). But Ryan knew better, so the next day he surprised Kaylie with her own custom congratulations-for-farting cake – no doubt the first of its kind that the bakery had ever had to make. In fact, Ryan says he was so embarrassed by the request that he had to write it down instead of saying it out loud. But the end result was a $40 hand-decorated cheesecake that read “Took you 3 years. Congratulations for finally farting.”

The viral post took off, with people bragging about how quick they farted in front of their significant others (weird flex but ok) and girls tagging their boyfriends asking for cakes for themselves.

Imagine being so embarrassed to fart in front of your boyfriend that you hold them in for three years, only to have it go viral the first time that you do.

If that first fart didn’t help Kaylie get over her embarrassment, surely having people from all over the world hear the story about it will.

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