Breaking Up Has Never Sounded Better Than Chris Stapleton Singing The Darius Rucker Hit, “Come Back Song”

Rob Kim/Getty Images

Darius Rucker exploded onto the country scene back in 2008 with his debut country album Learn To Live. Granted he was already a household name due to his time as the lead singer of Hootie and the Blowfish, but country music thoroughly embraced him.

And why shouldn’t they? You can’t tell me “Let Her Cry” wasn’t already a country song…

Anyways, when it came time for his second album, Darius got together with a guy named Chris Stapleton for the record’s lead single “Comeback Song.” Chris had been writing songs around town for a while now, but he was far from the superstar that he is today.

“I’ve been fortunate enough to write a few hits for some people… it’s allowed me to make a living doing what I did a long time for free, but this is the song that I wrote with, and for, Darius Rucker.”

That song became a huge hit, another hit in a long line of big hits for Chris.

And as much you gotta love Darius Rucker’s voice, nobody does it quite like Stapleton. How can a song about breaking up put you in such a good mood?

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