World’s Nicest Dad Makes Viral How-To Videos For Kids Without Fathers

A man kneeling next to a car

Turn on the news at any point today and within five minutes, you’re reminded just how much the world sucks. It’s sad, but true.

Thankfully, there’s people like Rob Kenney that come along every so often and remind us that there is still a lot of good in the world. Rob has a YouTube channel called “Dad, How Do I?” featuring a series of “how-to” videos for the countless young men (and women) that don’t have fathers to learn from.

Kenney, whose father left him when he was 12, shows people how to do everyday, mostly “manly” things like shave, change a tire, tie a necktie, etc… The kind of things that young men typically learn from their fathers.

In an interview with WCIU, Kenney shared the reason for staring his channel, which has since exploded:

“I come from a fractured home, and so my goal in life was to raise good adults and so then when I got to, you know, early 50s, I’d felt like I’d already done that. Now what? I still got a lot of life to live. So if I could pass some of what I have learned, to help people… and it’s it’s definitely resonating. I’m getting such amazing comments from people. I’m humbled by it.”

Be a Rob people, especially other men… be a Rob.

He recently shared a thank you video after hitting ONE MILLION subscribers.

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