Tonight’s Race Ended With Chase Elliott Flipping Off Kyle Busch After Wreck

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NASCAR is BACK and tonight’s race in Darlington finished with some fireworks.

And at the center of it all… Kyle Busch.

With only 27 laps to go, Chase Elliott was in 2nd place when he got clipped from behind by Kyle Busch. He spun out hard into the wall and his night was over. Denny Hamlin ended up taking the checkered flag after the race was cut short due to rain.

Needless to say, Chase Elliott was was PISSED.

As he walked away from his wrecked car, he hit Busch with the ol’ one finger salute.

Kyle chalked it up to making a mistake and “misjudging the gap.”

He also offered up the following apology on Twitter.

Malicious or not, it sure is good to have sports back on TV.

The action continues this Sunday at the Charlotte Motor Speedway

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