Police Drone Searching Hardened Criminals Finds Crop Circle Instead

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Aliens are among us… and they like drawing dicks on things as much as the rest of us.

According to the New York Post, British police whipped out the ol’ police drone to try and locate a suspect on the lam. And while we’re not sure if they ever found their fugitive, they did find a giant dick in a field.

“It’s absolutely amazing what you see from the air and sometimes we’re caught a bit off guard. Whilst in West Cornwall and searching for an offender who’d recently run off from police, we came across this unusual piece of artwork in a field, taking us completely by surprise.”

If this isn’t undisputed proof that we’re not alone in this universe, I don’t know what is.

Although I have to say, not a huge fan of the heart-shaped nutsack action they going on there. Think we still could use a little more work in that department, but hey, you don’t become a dick drawing master overnight.

By the way, one of the top comments said this:

“Not as funny as this church in USA.”

A kitchen with a sink and a toaster oven

And it brings me great pleasure to reveal that this church is located in my hometown of Dixon, Illinois.

Yep, that’s Dixon for you…

The hometown of former United States President Ronald Regan, the hometown a Rita Crundwell, who managed to embezzle over $50 million dollars from it during her time as comptroller, and the home of a penis-shaped church owned the Christian Science Society.

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A beer bottle on a dock