Blake Shelton Roasts Luke Bryan While Celebrating The Return Of NASCAR

Blake Shelton, Luke Bryan taking a selfie
John Shearer/Getty Images


Race fans across the country pumped to have NASCAR back on their TV screens, and while there are no fans in the audience, it’s great just to have sports on TV again (save your NASCAR isn’t a real sport comments, it was this or a rerun of the Johnsonville ACL Cornhole Championship).

Anyways, among the race fans pumped for the return, country music’s own Blake Shelton.

And of course, Blake couldn’t resist a shot at his buddy Luke Bryan.

Great joke. Just a great joke.

Definitely a bit obvious, but I’ll admit, I laughed way too hard at it. And you gotta love Blake for it… we could use some more friendly ribbing in country music. Hell, maybe even a little unfriendly ribbing…

Either way, NASCAR loved it too.

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