Police Identify Bass Pro Shop Swimmer After He Posted Video On Facebook (Like An Idiot)

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Quarantine is really cutting into my Florida Man stories this year, but recently he returned for the Bass Pro Challenge.

Earlier this week, a Florida man was seen diving into the fish tank at the Bass Pro store in Fort Myers, Florida. He managed to escape the tank and dart out of the store before employees could get a hand on him, and although he was spotted on security footage hopping into a silver sedan, nobody was able to identity him.

But then, like a complete idiot, he went and posted the video his own Facebook account. Needless to say, police now know who did it.

Lee County Sheriff’s deputies are now looking for Daniel Armendariz, 27, who faces a charge of trespassing. He uploaded the video Facebook with the caption:

“Yup well would you look at that… #FloridaCheck”

More like #IdiotCheck.

According to the store, it’ll cost them $3,000 to decontaminate the fish tank. Armendariz also has a history of arrests on charges of robbery, aggravated battery and the sale and delivery of illegal drugs.

You can’t fix stupid…

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