Round 2: Shirtless Hillbilly Comes Back With A 2×4 After He Got His Ribs Kicked To Pieces

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But wait, there’s MORE.

A few days ago we shared some insane footage of a shirtless hillbilly going toe-to-toe with a guy that looks like he was about to do your taxes.

As is turns out, the accountant (as he shall henceforth be named) had a nasty spinning back kick up his sleeve and then threw in another rib-shattering body kick for good measure.

Just wait for the vicious body kick…

Game. Set. Match. Arm goes up for the accountant, right?

WRONG… there was more.

And in Round 2, shirtless hillbilly is armed with a 2×4.

Eventually the cops showed up, but both of these fellas took a beating.

The neighbor also started a GoFundMe for his neighbor the accountant, who suffered a broken arm in the ordeal. He’s a veteran who cannot get health insurance due to a pre-existing condition he sustained while serving in the Marines.

Hey ya’ll this a go fund to help our Jeff Goldblum clone, this is his neighbor that recorded and saw it happen and am trying give back to the man while he needs help with the medical bills that are rising now for his broken arm. He also suffers from a medical disorder that’s very painful, and it is impossible to get coverage for because it happened during his service with the marines. The military has refused to cover the medical bills that requires prosthetic dentistry even with his honorable discharge! Β So if you would like to help him out or just get him a beer any and all proceeds will go to him. Thank you all!

Jeff Goldblum… LOL.

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A beer bottle on a dock