Restaurant Puts Blow-Up Dolls At Tables To Make Social Distancing Less Awkward & We’ve Officially Reached Peak Crazy

Just when you think life couldn’t possibly get any weirder…

If you happen to find your way to the Open Hearth in Taylors, South Carolina, it might be the only restaurant in the country that’s full… full of blow-up dolls.

In an effort to make the dining room appear to be busier than it really is, since they’re only allowed to operate a half-capacity, the restaurant has stocked tables with blow-up dolls, fully dressed with clothes and wigs.

Yep, this is real life…

I guess a half-empty restaurant is more uncomfortable than one filled with weird dolls sitting at the table next to you.

According to owner Paula Melehes, “it’s a concept that’s not frightening to people and it gives them something light to think about instead of viruses and x’s everywhere.”

Sure Paula… sure.

In fact, I find it the opposite of not frightening, I find it VERY frighting. You think I want some bozo the clown looking family of blow up dolls staring at me while I’m trying to cut into my chicken fried steak? The only people that want blow up dolls in their restaurants are sexually frustrated, creepy-ass old dudes.

Case in point: They couldn’t even get through this news segment without some old perv saying he wanted to kiss one of them. I shit you not…

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