Kip Moore Announces ‘7 Days At The Rock’ Documentary, Releases Latest Edition Of ‘In The Wild Sessions’

In addition to his highly-anticipated upcoming album, Kip Moore is also putting out a short documentary.

Titled 7 Days At The Rock, the film will chronicle Kip’s journey to release week as he’s been quarantining at his remote rock climbing facility, BedRock, located in Red River Gorge, Kentucky.

In the documentary, fans will get an in-depth look at all things Kip Moore including his thoughts on the times we’re living in, insight into his In The Wild Sessions, thoughts on the record and more. It will be available to watch on Outside TV on May 28th on all major streaming platforms and devices including The Roku Channel and Samsung TV Plus.

“‘7 Days At The Rock’ came around really organically leading up to the release of this record,” says Moore.

“This is a unique moment in time for all of us that none of us will ever forget and so it felt right to kind of reflect on everything that is going on, as well as shed some light into the process of releasing ‘Wild World.’ I also really wanted ‘Red White Blue Jean American Dream’ to be the next look into the album.”

Kip also released a stellar acoustic performance of “Red White Blue Jean American Dream.”

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