Crazy “Karen” Goes NUTS At Red Lobster, Slaps Employee, Fights Others, Because Her Food Was Late During A Pandemic

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“Karen” has gone viral, and no, it’s not because her name is Karen. Her name is probably not Karen, actually.

In a video that has amassed well over 2M views already, a customer at a Red Lobster in York, PA is seen being thrown out of the restaurant for causing a huge scene as her food was late. Some say food was one hour late, others said three hours late. This was on Mother’s Day…during a PANDEMIC. GO TO BUFFALO WILD WINGS KAREN. GO TO OLIVE GARDEN KAREN.

She must really love those cheddar biscuits.


She keeps demanding a refund as she’s getting tossed out. It should be noted that customers were NOT allowed in the restaurant – only a limited staff was permitted to be inside.

So “Karen” is upset and wants her refund, all while being thrown out of a Red Lobster like it’s a bar on lower Broadway. But, it gets even more “Karen.”

“Karen” takes a swing. She connects, she gets her hair pulled.

She disappeared, and no charges have been filed. Also, not sure if she got that refund.

Director of communications for Red Lobster, Nicole Bott, said this regarding the “Karen” and wait times:

“We understand that we may have disappointed some of our guests on Mother’s Day when due to COVID-19 and changes to our operations and staffing, we were not able to keep up with the demand at some of our locations. We apologize that some of our guests experienced long wait times, crowds, and in some cases, did not receive their orders. It is always our goal to provide our guests with a great seafood experience, and unfortunately, for some guests, we did not meet that goal on Sunday. We are working to better understand what occurred and how we can prevent it occurring in the future. That said, we do not tolerate violence for any reason in our restaurants. We expect our team members treat our guests with respect, and we expect our guests to treat our team members with respect in return. We are grateful our Manager and the guest involved were not seriously injured in the incident on Sunday.”

Here comes the crazy. NEVER be a “Karen.”

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