Carolina Rain’s “Get Outta My Way” Is Unquestionably The Best One-Hit Wonder Is The History Of Music

The single greatest one-hit wonder in the history of country music, and quite possibly all music genres everywhere, throughout the history of time, even all the way to back to the foundations of the Earth when a caveman was banging on a rock with a stick for a few minutes before a dinosaur ate him… is Carolina Rain’s “Get Outta My Way.”

And if you say anything else, you’re wrong. You’re just wrong…

Released in 2006, “Get Outta My Way” was the first song by Carolina Rain to break the Country Top 40, and while they did have another (sorta) popular song after it, nothing quite ever had the fire that this one did.

I mean, just listen to these lyrics:

“I gotta go before she runs like a fast little filly,
She’s a five alarm fire, a hot bowl of chilli,
An’ she’s burnin’ a hole in this hillbilly.
An’ I can’t let her get away.”

Absolute fucking poetry. Billy Bob Shakespeare ain’t got shit on these guys.

Get ready to have life changed in the best possible way.

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