Florida Man Dives Headfirst Into Fish Tank At Bass Pro Shop

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Love me some Bass Pro.

It’s a magical wonderland for all things outdoors… they got your hunting, they got your fishing, they got your hiking and your boating, and if you’re my dad, they even have the only clothes you’ll wear. If you’re a fan of the great outdoors, your pants get a little tighter just walking through the door.

And aside from all the cool outdoor gear and apparel, Bass Pro Shops are know one for one other thing… the giant-ass fish tank inside of every store.

Which, according to ABC, has now become the subject of the latest viral challenge, affectionately named… the Bass Pro Challenge.

A man was busted jumping into the fish tank at a Fort Myers Bass Pro recently, needless to say, store owners did not find it funny.

“This incident is illegal, dangerous and highly discouraged. We work with law enforcement to investigate all individuals who personally attempt or are involved with such activities.”

Police couldn’t confirm the exact date of the incident, and that they don’t have report.

Pretty flawless execution right here.

Quickly climbs the stairs, gets decent height, pretty good extension on the dive, and most importantly, he doesn’t crack his head open on one of the rocks in there. And a quick splash around, he makes his way back to dry land and I imagine books it for the door before security can get a hold of him, I’d give him an 7.8 out of 10 on the dive.

Is he a dumbass? Yes. But is it funny? Yeah, kind of…

And the best part is that since the police have no record of the incident, he seemed to escape without a run-in with the law. A win-win.

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