Evan Felker Photographed Looking Happy & Healthy Working On A Texas Ranch

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Calvin Shofner

You love to see this.

Turnpike Troubadours frontman Evan Felker’s recent struggles have been well-documented.

After going viral for appearing to be under the influence at several shows, including a fundraiser in February 2019 that was particularly hard to watch, Turnpike announced that they were taking an indefinite hiatus in May 2019.

Since then, the other members of the band have been working on their solo stuff, including Kyle Nix’s newly-announced project, but there hasn’t been any word on the future of Turnpike. Evan has been mostly underground since the band took their hiatus, though we did get one new song from him when he recorded a track for Bruce Robison’s compilation album, The Next Waltz Vol. 2, prior to the hiatus.

Other than that, we haven’t really gotten much insight into Evan’s whereabouts or condition over the last year. But last night, photographer Calvin Shofner released some pictures that give us a glimpse into what Evan’s up to these days.

The photos, which were taken on Monday, May 11th, show Evan looking healthy and happy working on a ranch in Oak Island, Texas. According to Shofner, a family friend asked him to photograph around the ranch and as it turns out, Evan was there working the cows with him.

The photos themselves are fantastic, but for country music fans, it’s just great to get some new pictures of Evan and see that he looks like he’s doing well.

Obviously, we all hope he is taking all the time that he needs to take care of himself. And maybe one day he’ll be ready to get the boys back together for some new Turnpike tunes.

But until then, “Good Lord Lorrie” is just as good the 1,000th time as it was the first.

Here’s a few more photos from the day.

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